Our universal mid-drive BBSHD – BBS02 and Cyclone electric motor conversion system mounts to 90% of bicycles and trikes, and is installed in the bottom bracket shell.

The motors are remarkably quiet, compact, lightweight, and powerful.

Our mid-drive electric motor conversion kits drive through your bikes gear system, thus giving the advantage of the full range of gearing from low (hill climbing) to high (getting there).

Our mid-drive electric motor conversion kits climb steep hills with ease.

Motor mass is concentrated between the wheels and below the bottom bracket. This is an ideal location for the motor and bicycles fitted with our conversion kits handle very well.

Brake levers have built-in switches to shut off power when the brakes are applied.

Our conversion kits have 5 (or 9 levels) of pedal assist, and the rider can easily adjust the assist level. The pedal assist kicks in when the pedals are rotated, and a rider operated throttle will override the pedal assist when desired.

The controller is built into the motor unit and the combined weight is about 10 pounds depending on the particular kit and power option.

The integrated dashboard displays bicycle speed, battery condition, assist level, date and trip, total distance, and more.

You have the choice of a right or left thumb throttle or a right side motorcycle type twist throttle.