Roy has been designing and building electric bicycles since 2009 when Roy and a friend converted a motorcycle to electric and he designed and built his first eBike, the eCortina. Since then Roy has evolved and refined the eCortina, and is currently working on several new electric motor/bike projects. Roy is enthusiastic about electric bicycle technology and is pleased to bring you the Bafang BBS02, BBSHD, and ULTRA MOTOR Ebike Mid Drive electric motor conversion kits and state-of-the-art lithium batteries.

Latest projects the eCortina v4-BBSHD and the new Dyno Deuce-BSHD electric bicycles:

eCortina v4 – BBSHD

Dyno Deuce – BBSHD

Cortina V2
eCortina v3 drive primary assembly
Bixby/Dyno TranMag builds
Bixby/Dyno TranMag primary drive assemblies

Roy has been a mechanic, photographer, jeweler, architect, design professional and Internet entrepreneur. He loves working with his hands and building towards an electric bicycle filled world.

Oxnard eBikes is not a traditional storefront bike shop. We work out of a private shop to build our unique mid-drive electric bikes, service your electric bicycle and create one of a kind high performance mid-drive electric bicycles.

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Oxnard eBikes sources products from USA distributors only. Our distributors offer parts, services, and warranties. I appreciate working with ethical businesses and dealers that stand behind their products. The motor conversion kits and batteries I sell may cost a bit more – but you have the assurance, and my good word, that I stand behind all my products and services.